Artist Submissions

Submission guidelines:

  -Artists are asked to create an original postcard in any medium, no larger than 5 x 7”. Keep in mind the work will be sent through the post.

-Submissions must be one of a kind, original artworks. Photographic reproductions of original work WILL NOT be accepted. All artwork must be the original work of the submitting artist. 

-Limited edition photographs and prints are acceptable. 

-Submissions must include:

            -a photograph of their postcard (see guidelines below)  

            - (file should be named FIRSTNAMELASTNAMETITLE)

            - name and contact information

            - artwork title and medium

 -Submitted photographs of the artwork will be displayed on the website so must be of good quality and must accurately represent your artwork.

-Copyright remains with the artist. However, artwork images submitted to CAAF may be used as part of the promotion and publicity for present and future communications via—including but not limited to—CAAF’s website, email, social media, radio, and television.

-Once a postcard has been purchased, we ask that artists send their original postcards in an envelope to CAAF (address to be provided once postcard is purchased—this WILL NOT be CAAF’s regular mailing address), and we will distribute them to the buyers.  



 Tips for Photographing Your Postcard

-Straight on so all corners have 90 degree angles

-Well lit location, daylight works best

-Do not crop; CAAF will prepare photograph for website

-Image 500KB or less, between 1500 and 2500 pixels wide